Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Q & A with a Library Student Worker: Reeve Currie

Name: Reeve Currie
Year in College: Junior
Major/Minor: English major with Journalism emphasis, Photography minor
Hometown: Roseville, MN

Why did you choose Concordia St. Paul?
I wanted to live at home and go to a smaller school, not a big public university.  I knew a couple people who went here and they really liked it, so I chose it too!

Did you go to a small school before?  What made you want a smaller school?
I was homeschooled, so yes it was small--there were three of us!  I did PSEO my junior and senior years, one year at Northwestern and one year at Century College.  My boyfriend went to the U of M and loved it but when I went there I felt so lost.  I wanted to be more part of things and have that community.  I also knew I would be commuting and thought I would never know anyone if I went to a big public school.

Why did you start working in the library?
I love love love love books!  I volunteered at a library while I was in high school and I loved it then so here I am!

What do you plan to do after school?
I really wanted to do photojournalism in high school.  I took a three year gap between high school and university.  I have to pay for myself and I wasn’t sure about it; I just really wanted to be sure before I started school.  I love kids and actually started as an education major and changed it back last summer.
Short term, I would love to spend one or two years traveling in Africa and doing some freelancing, but I hope to get on staff with a photo journal.  I’m hoping to get an internship with Women’s Press.  Until then I’ll probably take side gigs like taking senior photos, things like that.

Did anyone inspire you to get into photojournalism?
My dad is kind of a jack of all trades and has been through a lot of major problems and about eight different schools.  He’s written and published books, he’s a gourmet chef, an architect, and other stuff too.  He really helped me to learn about writing and photos.  There was a huge focus on writing in our family, much more than math or science.

Any other hobbies?
I love yoga and I would love to become a certified yoga teacher someday!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Treasures from the Archive: Snow Weekend

January can get pretty nasty in Minnesota. The excitement of the Christmas season has worn off, the snow has settled in for good, and the cold winds start to blow right through you. Rather than complain about it, why not have a party and celebrate our Minnesota heartiness!

In January 1959, Concordia’s Pep Club sponsored the first Snow Days Weekend. The festivities included a coronation ceremony, ice skating party, a wrestling meet and basketball game, and a party at the Student Union. 

Concordia's first Snow King and Snow Queen Art Plath and Donna Jean Demm.

The first Snow Days was so much fun that the event would be held annually for decades. Moving forward, that weekend would expand until Snow Weekend became Snow Week. Each day of this week had some sort of activity for the Concordia community. Events mainly revolved around winter sports and entertainment such as snow sculpting, variety shows (…I hear Jason Rahn, CSP Alum and now Associate VP for Student Life, put on a pretty sweet Magic Show), dances or, in one case, outdoor hot tubs were temporarily installed on the Knoll for those brave enough to partake. Snow is fun; and besides, nothing beats the winter cold like a little fun (…or migrating south for the winter!)

1965 Snow Weekend Court sporting Scandinavian sweaters.

Michael Hernick recently graduated from Concordia University, Saint Paul with a major in History. He spent his summer buried in the Archive digging up interesting nuggets of Concordia's history. We will be highlighting his work with Throwback Thursday post, Treasures from the Archive, throughout the year!