Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New trial: Marketline

Access the new trial directly or from our trial databases page. Please contact the reference desk for the password.

"Marketline provides industry and company profiles (for both domestic and international businesses), as well as advanced navigation (for example, from a company overview page, link to competitors, financial deals, analyst updates, relevant industries, and industry lists) and additional, powerful geographical, political, business and market research and analysis tools:

- The Financial Deals tool allows users to research all acquisitions, IPOs, mergers, etc., as well as their status (Announced, Rumoured, Completed or Terminated), and in depth information about the nature of the deal and the involved companies.

- The Latest News tool is a live feed of articles from our analysts about late-breaking industry and business news. Roughly 70-100 new articles are added weeks, so one every few hours.

- The Country Quick View tool is a quick reference point for geographical, historical and political data for all countries in the database. This view is designed to provide context to the database by offering an overview of any country or geo-political grouping. Additionally, you can view the country profile reports for the top 60 global economies.

- The Country Dynamics tool allows users to select geographies and industry drivers (across a huge variety of indicators, such as disease prevalence, technology use, agriculture, etc.) and create and compare statistical tables and graphs which can be manipulated and downloaded into a number of different formats (Excel, Word, Powerpoint).

- The Consumer Markets tool also allows users to create informational and statistical tables and graphs covering historic market values, volumes, distribution channels, company, and brand shares for food, beverage, personal care, pet care, and tobacco industries worldwide."

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