Friday, October 29, 2010

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that can help you get materials that you can't get immediately through the CLICnet library catalog or in full-text through Concordia's subscription databases. The main uses are 1) when you can't find the full-text of an article in the library's databases (more on that in a second) or 2) when you can't find library materials (e.g.: books, CDs) in the CLICnet catalog.

If at first you don't find full-text while searching a database, try the Get It button when available to find full text. Clicking the Get It button will automatically search to see if the full-text is available in the rest of the CSP Library databases. If it isn't, a screen will suggest you submit a journal article request form through Interlibrary Loan. See screenshot below:

The journal article request form links you into CLICnet, and prompts you for your name and barcode number. Simply enter your name, first and then last (if that doesn't work, try your last name only), and then your barcode from your Concordia ID. This is not the L Number, but the 14-digit number below the barcode which starts with a 2.

Interlibrary Loan is also available for Books and Book chapters, ERIC documents, Theses and Dissertations, and Conference Proceedings which aren’t available via the CLICnet Catalog. Those forms are available at the following URL:

Interlibrary Loan requests can take anywhere from a handful of days to 2 weeks to be filled, so don’t submit a request if you have a short deadline because the material will not arrive in time. ILL service is most valuable to people who start their projects early and research in advance.

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