Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Subject Guides: Environmental Science and Childrens Literature

Two new Subject Guides have been recently published by CSP Librarians: Environmental Science and Children's Literature.

Subject Guides are the first place to go when starting your research, and provide a good home base to jump off from and return to during the process. They are authored by CSP Librarians and organize the copyrighted academic materials (that you won't find for free on the web) that are supplied for your use by Concordia as part of your tuition. These guides include shortlists of the best databases in each subject, links to online Reference e-Books, embedded search boxes to many of our resources, research tips and hints, and a whole lot more.

Browse all 50 guides here, and add a bookmark so you can return each time you have research to do. If you've never seen a Subject Guide, that's what they look like below, with a clean look and an easy-to-use navigation with tabs for different aspects of research:

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