Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Q & A with a Library Student Worker: Priscilla Rivera

Hometown: Hatillo, Puerto Rico
Major: Child Psychology, Class of 2018

What drew you to work in the library?
My first couple days here I was really lost. I came into the library and asked a student worker for help. They were really friendly and open, and I realized I wasn't alone. They gave me directions to where I needed to go, but they also made me feel okay. They reassured me. I realized I wanted to be helping people too.

I also really enjoy books! And I love organizing. I thought, this is the best thing ever - I get paid for doing my OCD!

What’s your favorite part of your job?
I love the paging list. It’s like going on a scavenger hunt in the library! So satisfying.

What surprised you most about moving to Minnesota?
How much snow you got in so little time! And you have a lot of squirrels here. They’re EVERYWHERE. The squirrels in Puerto Rico are more sad looking. They’re white and look like rats. Don’t look at them. The ones here are cute - they have fluffy tails!

What do you miss most about Puerto Rico?
Sitting on my front porch in my hammock watching the sun go down, with the ocean right there. It was part of my ritual each day.

What makes you most excited about being at Concordia?
Getting to take classes for my major, child psychology. I want to work in special education. I know that there’s not that many people out there that can help them. I’ve had friends with special needs and it’s not fair the way they are treated in school and it’s not fair for them to not get the resources they need. For example, someone might want to join the marching band, but they have trouble walking so they aren’t allowed to. But they should be able to! I want to help because special needs students are capable of succeeding.

What’s one of your favorite books? How about a favorite author?
One of my favorite books is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I’m a very imaginative person, and it takes my imagination to a different world. And one of my favorite authors is John Green. He just plays with your heart. It’s evil and maniacal of him, but it’s also amazing.