Thursday, August 20, 2015

Treasures from the Archive: Welcome Back!

Michael Hernick recently graduated from Concordia University, Saint Paul with a major in History. He spent his summer buried in the Archive digging up interesting nuggets of Concordia's history. We will be highlighting his work with Throwback Thursday post, Treasures from the Archive, throughout the year!

Week 1: Welcome!

Concordia's original campus in 1894.
Pictured are Old Main (left), South building (background), and West dormitory (right.)
Today, this is the site of Wollaeger Hall. 

Welcome (and welcome back) Concordia Community! With summer behind us and the academic year starting, we at the Library figured it would be great to point out some of the cool or interesting things that have happened on campus in the past. Concordia has been around for over 120 years, so some stuff is bound to have happened here. Granted, if it was compiled in a 300-page book, you may want to get some of that elusive sleep that college students never seem to get (or at least I didn’t)… so here’s hoping that these posts don’t put you to sleep, after all, there is plenty of time to do that in your morning classes…

Since it is only the first week, and you know it is still nice outside, I will not keep you long today. As such, I just wanted to point out a few of the changes that have happened to our campus over the 122 years it has been around:

30 students (all male)
Diverse community 4000+ students 
High school (pre-seminary and teaching programs only)
University (undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of programs)
School was on a temporary site; the following year it moved to its current location, but with only 5 buildings (4 of which would be used)
17 buildings with additional residences
6 acres of land
42 acres covered

It is not much, but it is a small sample of just how much Concordia has grown and changed. There are many more things to come (anniversaries and such) so keep checking back.

Enjoy your first weekend back, Concordia!

- Michael