Monday, November 2, 2015

Q & A with a Student Worker: Patrick McCune

Psychology Major, Business Minor
Hometown: Maple Lake, MN

What year are you in school? Where did you transfer in from, and how did you choose Concordia?
I’m a junior this year. From Augsburg's Biology program. I chose CSP on a chance, actually.  I had a lot of help, and did a lot of online research.  Priscilla talked to me about the Psych program, too.

How do you like working in the library?
It’s a lot of fun; I’m new to campus so it’s nice to meet a lot of people and help them out.

How does library work compare to other on- or off-campus jobs you’ve had?
I don’t have any other on-campus jobs now.  I still work as a PCA at Augsburg, though--I help an individual, a client, with day-to-day tasks.  It’s a step down from Certified Nursing Assistant.  I help my client live as normal a life as possible.

That sounds like a very cool job.  Do you do any other extracurriculars?
I play saxophone in the concert band and the jazz band.  I’ll be joining the Business and Psychology Clubs too, and will hopefully get involved with intramurals soon!

You’ll be busy! What is your favorite time of day to work in the library?
Morning is kind of nice; it forces me to be here, attentive, and awake.  It makes me less likely to just go to bed and sleep for longer after overnights!

That’s my favorite thing about morning shifts! Last question--are you taking any “just for fun” classes?
I’ve always been big into communications; I’ve done a lot of com. studies, and I’ve read a lot of those books.  Those people make things happen.  We learn a lot from those who are successful and have a higher chance of getting there ourselves if we do choose to learn.

Interview conducted by Jackie Martini, CSP Library’s Social Media Student Worker

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