Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Library Printing Tips

Here are some common problems and solutions to library printing problems:

-Choose printer Library1 or Library2 from the Print Menu.

-Getting an error message? First, make sure you're connected to the wireless network. Still nothing? Ask us for help!

-You can print on both sides by changing your settings in the Print Menu by choosing Properties, and then under settings for "Duplex", choose either "Long Edge" or "Open to Left".

-There are other ways you can customize your printing, like printing multiple power point slides per page. With Library1 or Library2 selected, look through your printing menu to familiarize yourself with your options.

-If you accidentally print a hundred page document, let someone at the Reference or Circulation Desk know ASAP so we can try to stop the job.

-Each student is credited with 500 printouts at the beginning of each semester. If you try to print something and nothing comes out of the printer, you should check your Printing Balance here: http://concordia.csp.edu/DocumentServices/Copy_Center/index.html. You can pay to have more credit added on at the Copy Center.

Also, please let us know about all paper jams and errors, and when they have run out of paper. We can't keep track of the printers 100% of the time and rely on you to let us know when they need maintenance.

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