Friday, September 4, 2009

Yes, You Can Request Videos From CLICnet

Students and faculty alike can request videos found in the CLICnet catalog. Augsburg and the Bethel Seminary Library are the only CLIC members (besides Concordia) who allow their videos to be requested directly through CLICnet using the "Request It" button. For videos from other libraries, you need to send the request directly through Amity Foster ( or by using the Video Request Form found on the CSP Library Website. It takes around 2 days for videos to arrive via the courier service.

Two caveats:

1. Some of the videos owned by Macalester show up in CLICnet with a "Request It" button because of an error in coding their records. This is misleading. If you try to use that button your request will be denied.

2. Not all videos you request will necessarily be lent. AV sharing is full of idiosyncrasies based on licenses and each library's policies. Still, most videos can be lent, so it is worth the small effort needed to send your request to Amity or fill out the Video Request Form.

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