Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Policy for Group Study Rooms: Sign Up @ the Reference Desk

Due to high demand for study rooms, a new policy will take effect on Monday, November  23rd. This new policy's purpose is a fairer distribution of study room time among a greater number of users. The new policy entails:

  • - You now must sign up to use the 4 person study rooms.

  • - To sign up, stop at the Reference Desk. You will be asked for ID. If you are a Concordia student, make sure to show your Concordia ID instead of your government-issued ID.

  • - Priority for the rooms will go to Concordia students. Check at the Ref Desk for the next available room.

  • - You can sign up for 2 hours at a time per group.

  • - Minimum group size is 2/Maximum group size is 4.

  • - You can still reserve the rooms in advance; now this can be done at the Reference Desk.

We hope this will encourage people who have given up hope of getting access to a study room to give it another try.

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