Friday, January 13, 2012

Group Study Rooms: Keep 'Em Clean

Here are a few simple rules to follow when using a group study room:

  • Sign up for a room at the Reference Desk. If all rooms look full, ask at the Reference Desk anyway. CSP students have priority over non-CSP students.
  • Use the trash cans inside the rooms to dispose of your trash. If the can in your room is full, please throw your garbage in one of the many trash cans in and around the library. If your trash is recyclable, please recycle it.
  • If you spill something, let someone on the library staff know.
  • The walls are not soundproof. Being in a group study room doesn't mean you can be as loud as you want. Make sure you respect your fellow library users with your noise level.
  • Turn the lights off on your way out. They do not turn off automatically.

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