Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween: Staff Picks!

by Jackie Martini, Library Social Media Student Worker

Halloween approaches and everything is getting spooky (and darker!)!  The CSP library staff is busily working away--not just in the aftermath of the Harry Potter trivia night, but on future displays and events as well--but I got some of them to slow down for a few minutes and talk to me about a topic near and dear to everyone’s heart: books.  I got all kinds of answers to my question, Do you have a favorite fall/Halloween/scary read, author, or genre that you pick up this time of year for a good read?

"Halloween makes me want to read anything by Neil Gaiman: Coraline, The Wolves in the Walls, and the Sandman graphic novel series are particularly great for the Halloween season." -Megan

"There’s nothing “themed” right now--I’m reading Harry Potter, of course, and I love to write fall-themed pieces.  I would say it’s a very creative time for me!" -Amber

"I don't necessarily do a favorite Halloween read, but I can tell you about the book that terrified me when I first read it: Salem's Lot by Stephen King. It was the first King book I read when I was a teen, and not really knowing anything about it, I brought it with me to a babysitting job --and this was back in the pre-cable days when broadcast channels all went off the air around 1 am, so no TV to watch.
So... two little kids asleep, strange house, middle of the night, creepy vampire book... it totally freaked me out! I had to stop reading and hide the book under the sofa cushion!" -Jeanine

"I increase the amount of theology I read this time of year, particularly about the Reformation.  For more, see my new display downstairs on where All Saint's Eve came from!" -Nathan

"This is a challenging question for me since I really dislike all of the creepy stuff and have no typical Halloween/Fall reading habits. Usually it's whatever happens to strike my interest. This year, it just so happens, I'm in the midst of rereading the entire Harry Potter series. Currently I'm in the middle of book 2." -Jennifer

"I don’t have anything themed that I read specifically at this time.  I try to read one book a week.  I’m falling down on that a little, but I really like Stephen King things!" -Patrick

"I don’t do any themed reading, but I do watch Hocus Pocus every year!"  -Priscilla

Do you have a favorite fall read? Share it with us in the comments!

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