Monday, October 5, 2015

Q & A with a Librarian: Elizabeth Jacobson

Hometown: Roseville, MN
Position: Night/Weekend Reference Librarian

So, Elizabeth: how did you come to work at the CSP library?
I've known Greg and some of the other librarians for several years - Greg called or emailed me, I can’t remember which, and asked if I was interested!  I was a student worker [in the library] when I was at CSP for my undergrad studies.  That’s how I got interested in library work.

How interesting!  So did you always want to be a reference librarian?
I actually didn't intend to be a reference librarian, but I knew right away that I wanted to be a college librarian.  As a student, I was into cataloging and a lot of the behind-the-scenes work, but now I realize I probably do want to be a reference librarian instead!

What do you like so much about the reference position?
It’s such a new position to me!  The thing that makes it the most attractive and fun is getting to help students, even if it’s a small or simple or seemingly mundane thing, like the printers - it’s satisfying to help guide someone to the information they need!  Hopefully they learn to use the resources we show them for their future research, too.

What is your favorite thing to research?
That’s a hard question!  I guess the arts, because I have a bigger background in them, so they’re more exciting to me personally.  

What are you most excited about in terms of events coming up?
Definitely excited about the Harry Potter trivia night!  It would be fun to be Snape.  I have a long black robe a lot like his from graduation.  I would need a long plastic nose, though.  I was also very impressed with all the banned book displays.

Do you have any advice for students going into the library sciences division?
Sure!  My big advice is that if your program offers a practicum, you should definitely do it.

Last question!  What one thing would you like to tell everyone about the library?
It’s an awesome place with awesome librarians who really want to help you!

Thank you Elizabeth!  Welcome to the library!

Interview conducted by Jackie Martini, the CSP Library's social media student worker.

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